Street Art in Bishkek #1

One of the things I’ve noticed as I’ve walked around Bishkek is how little street art I see. You often see graffiti, tags, poorly sprayed cartoon figures etc. But what someone has spent a considerable amount of time on, that’s actually any good, well it appears that Bishkek just isn’t a big city for street art. Interestingly, I was in language class just over a week ago, and my teacher was telling me about murals. There seem to be dozens of murals in Bishkek, most of them built in the Soviet times. Here’s a picture of one near to my language school:


She then mentioned about street art, and where I could find some. In London this was one of my favourite weekend activities, to go down to Shoreditch and Brick Lane and see what was the latest pieces whilst drinking speciality coffee and eating artisan fare. Last weekend, along with my friend Chris, I went along Tolstoy street near the intersection with Panfilov to a street art wall. Apparently in 2013 there was an “official” street art festival here in Bishkek, and on this was there was located a number of fairly decent street art pieces. You can take a look at them below.


We also saw a random goat in the boot of a car – because why not! I’m hoping to go to more street art places in Bishkek in the future and once I’ve gathered further photos, will do a second blog on the subject.




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