The Declutter

Over the coming weeks, in the buildup to my March departure, I’m going to share about some of the different areas in which preparation is needed for a move overseas. Firstly, let’s talk about “stuff”.

The Art of the Declutter
How do I fit all of my belongings into two suitcases and a backpack? Quite truthfully, I can’t! Over the past 29.98 years (only one week left of being a twentysomething), I have amassed a large quantity of personal possessions. And so, at the end of last year I went on two separate decluttering missions – one here in South Wales, and the second at my parents’ house in London over the Christmas break.

Make Time to Sort Thoroughly
In November I started to declutter my bedroom here in South Wales. You might think that’s a long time ahead, but the nearer it gets to March, the more I’ll need to give attention to other areas of my preparation, such as sharing with people about my plans, handing over my roles at work and saying goodbyes. All that I own here in Wales will come with me either to Kazakhstan or to London, where I spent more than a week over Christmas sorting through the things I’ve left there in the past four years, some having never even crossed over the Severn Bridge with me!

Give to Friends and Family
My aim is to leave just one cupboard of possessions at my parents’ house, and so a lot has needed to go. Where possible, my encouragement is to see if you can give away any of your possessions to friends and family – at work we have a giveaway table every Thursday – so often my colleagues will find something there they were in need of. Anything that isn’t taken that day then goes to one of the local charity shops. As a keen photographer, I’ve also had many photos of my friends and family printed over the years, and as I now have digital copies saved on the cloud, in recent weeks I’ve given many of these  prints away to friends.

Give to Charity
I’m so thankful to my parents for their help with going through my possessions. After my initial declutter, they have gone through what I’m clearing out to see what could be taken to the local Cancer Research shop that my mum volunteers at. I’ve also had DVDs that I’ve given to my friends for a donation to a charity that provides food packages for refugees in Turkey, which I regularly support. I still have some available for a donation, please message me if you’re interested.

And so for now, farewell, до свидания and Сау болыңыз!

Photo credit: orion_Katerina via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND


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